Grid for Aputure MC

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The price listed is 21$ per single grid. 

Grid for Aputure MC

[ Made in Montreal by a grip ]

- Helps direct the light forward.
- Approx. 60 degrees of light spread.
- Made from durable flexible TPU
- The heat of the MC does not affect the grid
- Will not crack or deform in the cold (tested in Canada at -25*c (-13*F))
- All air vents, display, controls and 1/4" mount accessible.
- Grid design does not cover any of the LED bulbs. If a grid covers a bulb, it can reduce light intensity and change the colour.

These grids are 3D printed in my workshop in Montreal and since posting my first add of Facebook I have received hundreds of orders and and currently backlogged by at least 2 weeks [as of 25/01/2202]. But I have more 3D printers on the way and have turned up the production rate, so don't worry, your grids will be delivered. Once you have made your order here, I will contact you with the actual lead time based on your position in the order queue.

*International buyers* [outside Canada or USA] Please use Tracked shipping option. I have left the non-tracked shipping option available if you choose, but I highly recommend using the tracked shipping option.

Currently being prototyped is a version that will have room for a diffusion in between the MC and the grid. If you want to follow the development of this product and the upcoming prototypes for the MC, follow me on Instagram at